An Introduction to Corneal Donation

Cornea is the anterior most transparent portion of human eyes responsible for most of the dioptric vision. If it gets cloudy, opaque or distorted because of trauma, infection, nutritional deficiencies or hereditary problems, the vision may be grossly damaged leading even to blindness. Once it happens, the only remedy is replacement of this damaged cornea of the patient with healthy donor cornea from another person. This procedure is known as corneal grafting or keratoplasty. Al-basarat eye foundation excel in provision of this kind of surgery. Over the last one-decade we have successfully performed keratoplasty in over 1500 patients with corneal disease. There is no problem of skill or resources, but there is acute shortage of donor corneas. We request you to kindly help us in this regard. Kindly donate your corneas. This amounts to donating sight to others. Cornea is donated only after death of the person who had earlier agreed for such kind of donation. Within three hours of the death, the healthy cornea is removed and transported in special container and solution to Al-basarat eye foundation ,mardan, where patients already registered for corneal grafting are present after being informed by the hospital. A surgeon experienced in corneal surgery performs this operation, which takes up to 45 minutes. The patient usually regains useful vision within few weeks of surgery.

Home Collection Services

Al-basarat eye fonudation has made donation process easy for its valuable donors by activating our home collection services in selected areas. Our representative will collect Zakat / Sadqas / Grants / Donations from your residence or office. Just call or e-mail on the following: Mardan
Managing Director
Cell: +92-3229139810
Direct: +92-937-560788
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How Can I Help? Donations to Al-basarat eye foundation ensure the availability of services today and for future generations. And with more than 80% of every dollar going directly to Programs, Al-Shifa makes the most efficient possible use of your philanthropic donation. Al-Shifa Trust is a charitable trust and not-for-profit organization. A variety of gift opportunities are designed to meet your personal needs. A Donation of
• $50 will help to restore the eyesight of a poor patient with cataract.
• $300 will restore the sight of person suffering from retinal disease.
• $500 will assist in obtaining a cornea for a corneal blind person requiring Keratoplasty.
• $2000-$50,000 will buy a piece of equipment like Slit Lamp, Surgical Microscope or Vitreo retinal machine.
• $1000 will save the sight and life of a patient with eye cancer


Volunteering at Al-basarat eye foundation encompasses a broad range of activities, including social work with poor and needy patients; assisting staff in the Childhood non-school going and school-going eye screening Program; in public eye health education programs; in counseling of patients with diabetic eye disease; in varied clerical/ administrative capacities. There are many ways you can contribute, without going too much out of your way; naturally and effortlessly. You can:
• Sponsor Al-basarat advertisements
• Help Increase Public Awareness of the need for prevention of blindness in children and support the efforts of Al-basarat eye foundation
• Donate to the Patient Sponsorship Scheme
• Participate in the Sight-to-a-Million-Children Drive
• Donate your expertise
• Involve your organization/employer/colleagues — Sponsor a Project!
• And volunteer any other help :
• Organize small parties to educate people about Al-basarat eye foundation
• Distribute Al-basarat flyers at functions
• Organize stage programs for Al-basarat
• Buy and keep cards in local grocery stores
• Ask organizations known to you to spread the word about Al-basarat and its programs
• Screen a movie, to benefit Al-basarat eye foundation
All contributions to the Patient sponsorship scheme, ADOPT-A-PROJECT scheme, and donations are tax-exempt