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Al-basarat eye fonudation has made donation process easy for its valuable donors by activating our home collection services in selected areas. Our representative will collect Zakat / Sadqas / Grants / Donations from your residence or office. Just call or e-mail on the following: Mardan
Managing Director
Cell: +92-3229139810
Direct: +92-937-560788
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Albasarat Eye Foundation
Account No: 202258766

How Can I Help? Donations to Al-basarat eye foundation ensure the availability of services today and for future generations. And with more than 80% of every dollar going directly to Programs, Al-Shifa makes the most efficient possible use of your philanthropic donation. Al-Shifa Trust is a charitable trust and not-for-profit organization. A variety of gift opportunities are designed to meet your personal needs. A Donation of
• $50 will help to restore the eyesight of a poor patient with cataract.
• $300 will restore the sight of person suffering from retinal disease.
• $500 will assist in obtaining a cornea for a corneal blind person requiring Keratoplasty.
• $2000-$50,000 will buy a piece of equipment like Slit Lamp, Surgical Microscope or Vitreo retinal machine.
• $1000 will save the sight and life of a patient with eye cancer